Co-sign car loan, help!

Co-sign car loan, help!Co-sign car loan, help!
BorisDom asked 4 years ago

So in 2014 I co-signed to helped my my mother purchase a new car. As I am going through my mortgage process on my house, the requested 12 months showing that she makes the payments (which she does, however, they needed additional income proof which is where I came in). She has perfect payments on the car, however, In May and June of last year my mom used my grandmothers account (which I was an authorized user on, the account has been closed for a while now) and made two payments from that account. My Loan Officer told me that those two months are going to cause an issue. Does anyone know of anything I can do such as a sworn affadavit or anything to prove that I do not make those payments? I asked him about a notarized letter, however, he told me its not that easy any more. Please help!

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