Closing authorized user card

Closing authorized user cardClosing authorized user card
ivusanaxo asked 4 years ago

I’m an authorized user on a Sapphire Preferred which is reporting to my credit and being included in my utilization. While this was originally helpful (high limit, bonus points for opening the auth user card) the account holder has recently had to use much more of the limit than usual, and it’s dragging down my score as much as 30 points or more.

If I have the account holder terminate my card, the effect from the high utilization should rectify itself within a billing cycle, right? It is only about a year old, so closing it won’t hurt my avg accnt age, and all of my other cards are <10% utilized.

I have one other old closed auth user account on my report – it currently reports as open (presumably since the primary card is still open) but with $ 0 balance and $ 0 limit – is this probably how the CSP will report once it’s closed as well?


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