Closed my JC Penney card

Closed my JC Penney cardClosed my JC Penney card
Vilma Perry asked 5 years ago

So one of the things I wanted to do was close some cards as I had  quite a few store cards. I went online to do a chat with JC Penney to request an increase and they denied it. I have had the card for one year! It has a 500 dollar limit. I have gotten several Synchrony  increases online with my Victoria secret cards but not this one. I have tried online, called throughout the year  and have always  denied me not one raise! My score has gone up over 100 points and yet nothing.

 So the chat was the last straw they basically refused to  care. The card has a 0 balance. I used it and carried a balance but never late, always paid extra, it has had zero balance the last 2 months,  so I asked them to close the account.


i just received an increase on my Nordstrom today so I will take my business there! 

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