Closed Fingerhut

Closed FingerhutClosed Fingerhut
Terrykiz asked 4 years ago

I closed my Fingerhut account today but am a little nervous because it was my oldest account. I opened it in Dec’14 but never used it, was my 1st attempt to establish credit but had no idea what I was doing & got discouraged fast. So glad I opened it because it because it benefited my AAoA when I decided to try again. It is probably why I was able to open a Amazon acct & Cap 1 non-secured) in Dec’15. Thank you Fingerhut, you served your purpose, even though I never used it. I have read here that the account will remain on my reports for 10 yrs, I am hoping my AAoA doesn’t change since I really have none. LOL Smiley LOL

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