Closed Collections??? PRA/Midland/Calvary and ERC!

Closed Collections??? PRA/Midland/Calvary and ERC!Closed Collections??? PRA/Midland/Calvary and ERC!
dwEts asked 4 years ago

Ok so I took the advice of going to Credit Check Total, hubhy’s scores are higher than and credit karma!  Experian score 554  TransUnion 556  EQ 546


Looking at his reports I am seeing his collections closed on 1 or 2 of the CRA’s.  If they are closed, why are they still being reported on?  I just filed a CFPB complaint on Midland as they are trying to collect over $ 1000 and according to FINGERHUT it’s $ 794!  Also Midland has the OC as WebBank, so that’s wrong as well!!!


Any advice on how to remove it since they are closed??

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