CK relation to real scores

CK relation to real scoresCK relation to real scores
oxilazevu asked 4 years ago

I’ve never paid for myfico scores, because I knew when i started they were trash, ck tells me who i owe money to. and I dont pay attention to their scoring much, but now I find myself wondering.


Doesn’t it usually trend down?


I’ve got it to where I’m current on everything, I have a ton of medical collections, but I basically pay those, dispute them, and they come off. The CA told me they wouldn’t fight (they know how the “process” works, and dont want to deal with it, and for the first 6 or so they’ve not lied.) in lieu of a PFD agreement, because I’m never home to do all of the fancy letters.


anyway CK shows me at like 628 TU, 598 for EQ, dont know what my score is for EX, but my EX report is clean as a whistle since noone really uses them.


The end game is a mortgage approval, So I’ve just been biding time, building credit lines, paying off baddies, and getting my payment history in order.


The reason I’m curious – I ran through Monday and did the gamut of “lets see who wont prequalify me for a card this month” run.


Chase gave me a Sapphire. Still no nothing from discover (whose site seems to have changed?) But a freaking Sapphire?  ($ 5k to boot)


I thought those were reserved for the upper echelon of credit seekers? I think something puked in their system or…


Im still deciding if I want to just keep doing what I’m doing, or let the curiosity take hold. I don’t have a down payment anyway.


Could I be over the 628 that CK shows?

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