citi pre approval

citi pre approvalciti pre approval
weipatebanness asked 5 years ago

Well hell must be frozen over. I actually got a citi pre approval on their website. Pre approvals and me just dont mix i pretty much have never received any of them. I was pre approved for double cash 17.99% citi thank premier card 17.99, citi hilton honors 15.24%, and citi simplicity card 17.99%. Of course the Double cash and simplicity have the intro 0% rate. Heres the problem the card i really want is the citi thank you preferred card to take advantage of a solid sign up bonus and 0% intro offer. I dont see any reason to get the premier card unless there is someway to get the AF removed for the second year. Having to spend 3k the second year to net $ 175 does not make that much sense to me. What is the difference of the CL between the preferred and premier? Are their mins for each card? Thanks

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