Citi DC or Cap QS?

Citi DC or Cap QS?Citi DC or Cap QS?
LizzieMer asked 4 years ago

I’m deciding between the Cap QS and Citi DC. I did the pre qualify for both, I know it’s not 100% accurate, but I didn’t qualify for QS but did for Citi DC. My score is only at around 660-670 right now, but my utilization has been good from last credit check. I got approved for the QS1 last year but never activated it ( I need to close it beofre AF kicks in) so im afrid if I apply for QS they’ll deny me because of my approval of QS1 and never using it. DC is nice with the extra 2% but I heard you have to wait for the next statement to redeem rewards wheras QS can just be redeemed right away. QS offers the $ 100  DC does not. I’m mainly looking for cash back, everyday use card for anything. Thoughts?

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