Citi APR reduction Guide

Citi APR reduction GuideCiti APR reduction Guide
plankipechaca asked 5 years ago

This is the Guide to lowering  your Citi APR on Citi issued cards.


There are a couple of ways of doing:


Option 1: Chat

Log into your online profile and at the top where it says contact us, click that and choose chat. Just ask the rep. chances are they can lower it 2ish%


Option 2: Call

Literally call the number on the back of your card and ask for a lower APR. It probably gives the same results as chat but worth a shot.


Option 3: Ask for an account manger (Worked really well for me)

After calling the number on the back of the card and the results are poor ask to speak to an account manager. Use your history with Citi as a tool on why they should lower your APR. Not as a reason too. This can net a result of up to 4% Reductions


Side Notes:


Having large balances tends to get APR reductions declined.

Having a zero balance usually looks really good to them

Asking every couple of days does work but I would spread them out by statements or at least weeks

I have seen APRs as low as 3.74+Prime for a rate of 6.99 (personally I have 7.24 on an AA gold card.


Just as a reminder be nice and please be careful how much you ask. we don’t want this to go away at all!

Any tips please feel free to comment and I can update this.

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