Chase Slate Approval Odds

Chase Slate Approval OddsChase Slate Approval Odds
SamanthaInila asked 5 years ago

Hey guys,


Was hoping that you could help tell me my approval odds for the Chase Slate. My goal is to balance transfer the 5.5k outstanding I have on my Amex BCE. The whole point of getting the Slate for me is to be able to balance transfer the entire balance, so I want my line of credit to be at least 5.5k. I checked my FICO score through Amex and it said 672. I have a furniture store credit card with a 2.5k outstanding balance. All my other cards (2 BofA (4k line and 2.5k line), 2 Chase (2.4k line and 1k line), Discover (3k line), Citi (8k line) have a zero balance. My other debt includes 17k HELOC and a mortgage. My AGI is approximately 60k. I previously applied for the Chase Slate in November 2014 and was declined even after multiple recons, stating that I had too much debt. At that point in time I had an 8k balance on my Citi card and a 2.4k balance on my Freedom. Those are paid off now, but I am hestitant to apply again and get declined. Also, when I tried to recon in November, Chase was lovely enough to decrease my Freedom line from 4k to 2.4k and my Amazon line from 2k to 1k, so I don’t want them to do that again if I don’t get auto approved and have to recon. 


So — what do you think? Do I have a good chance of getting approved?

Learning Your Lines – Merchant Services Sales Script – How to sell credit card processing

SR Tao replied 5 years ago

James, you are brilliant! I started doing this in the UK only 2 months ago
and now I am potentially working with two large aquirers. I will say that
from a hard working background – I thought quantity was the way – seeing 25
merchants a day. Its not, I have worked hard and only got 6 outlets. I seen
a massive 300 stores but I was doing it all wrong.

It’s definitely all in the presentation – how you talk and what you say
which is a big learning curve for me, also being self employed is. But I
enjoy it. I would say that if you don’t give up and keep going, sharpening
your skills and learning, soon it can only get easier. 

Vin D replied 5 years ago

I agree with your idea about minimizing the change. If a salesperson makes
a big deal out of it, so will they.

Live Leak replied 5 years ago

James, thank you so much, I am a sponge for your knowledge, skills, and

SR Tao replied 5 years ago

I will be watching all your videos and have already got 3 appoinents in
only 5 phone calls revising a simple script. Plus phone calls are the way
to break a lot of the ice with the owner.

Good man!

james espanola replied 5 years ago

brilliant post

Takeyla Adams replied 5 years ago

Today is my first day at this and it wasn’t so good. I called about 15
numbers and only got to “talk” to a few. They would say not interested and
just hang up

MrCreditcardtips replied 5 years ago

Yep top sales reps know their lines

agape Stephens replied 5 years ago

I like how you avoid risk

Sherrod Jones replied 5 years ago

I’m looking forward to getting in the field tomorrow!

CCSalesPro replied 5 years ago

Sorry you had a bad experience, I know you were not selling on my team
because my agents love this industry! There are a lot of bad apples in this
industry and companies that do not support their agents but we are not one
of those companies. I have personally sold in the industry for a long time
and I love it! I have made a lot of money at it and I love helping small
business owners save money. Feel free to contact me anytime, I would be
glad to talk with you about your negative experience.

CCSalesPro replied 5 years ago

I’m sure we could work something out. Some of the webinars are for active
agents only because we cover specific topics that I wouldn’t want to share
with our competition but, there are several webinars that you could
participate in. Send this question to me via email and I will get back with
you on how you can access the webinars.

jstud27 replied 5 years ago

are the webinars open to the public or do i need to be an agent for nab?
i’ve been in merchant services since February and you youtube channel has
been the biggest help to my success. i’d love to be able to work for
multi-merchant but my father owns a credit card processing ISO and wouldn’t
feel right selling for anyone else. with all that said i’d still appreciate
if i’d be able to join the web casts on thursdays occasionally. thank you
so much

CCSalesPro replied 5 years ago

Sounds great Sherrod, let me know how it goes!

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