Chase Ritz card compromised

Chase Ritz card compromisedChase Ritz card compromised
ivusanaxo asked 5 years ago

Got an alert first thing this morning for a $ 15.75 charge from, which apparently is tied to the Square Reader.  Checked my Chase account and they had already reversed the charge.  A few minutes later get another alert for a $ 55.00 for SQ ‘Steve Wichman’, another attempt at a charge on a Square Reader.  Immediately got a text from Chase asking if this was a legitimate charge and when I replied ‘no’, I was prompted to call in.  After series of verification questions, very nice CSR told me new cards will be sent UPS and I should receive them tomorrow along with return envelopes to send the current metal cards back.  About 30 seconds after the call ended, received notice that Apple Pay was already updated with new account.


This is my first fraudulent charge and I’d have to guess that somehow the card was cloned because I’m pretty sure that the card has to be inserted into the Square Reader for barges to occur.  I last used the card online to buy AA gift cards two days ago and last physical use of the card was at a restaurant in Vegas a month and half ago.  Used it there several times so I’m guessing that’s where it was compromised.


Glad that Chase caught these instantly and hope that’s the end of my problems though it does seem that Chase (going by reports here) has more of these than other cc companies.

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