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isenconlegua asked 5 years ago

I’ve been wanted Chase Freedom or Slate for a while now and I’ve been apply for pre-approve once a month.  Finally last night I got pre-approved form both Freedom an Slate and I immediately applied for it.  I didn’t get denied nor approval right away.  I got the message they will send me a letter regarding approve or denie 7-10 business day.  Does anyone have experienced with them, does this sound like I will get approved? What should I do? Wait for the letter or give them a call?  Does anyone know the back door number?


Please let me know.

Cardsharp 2 – Genuine Version 2 by Iain Sinclair – Credit card knife. Hands on Review. Not a Fake

Gadgets&Co replied 5 years ago

Good Review, made also one, but in german!

ETCM2005 replied 5 years ago

You aren’t allowed to carry one of these in the UK? Why would you buy one
then? It is designed to go in a wallet for Pete’s sake. I cannot believe UK

ReinhardvonHolst replied 5 years ago

Hi Tom, Got the version 1 and it arrived in a small padded envelope, no
frills or instructions but love it anyway. It sits in my GHB due to UK
laws. Got to admit though, damn sharp. Peace and thanks for a great

Joshua Luna-Li replied 5 years ago

No sharp cards don’t come in a silver package

Cyfrowy .Alchemik replied 5 years ago

I found it in a military shop for circa 10 pounds. Good thing they didn’t
want to sell it to me, I found they were ripping me off now :)

Hillbilly Hank replied 5 years ago

My birthday is March 18th

Dobriy Her replied 5 years ago

Placed an order for newest model, waited for over a month, it was never
shipped. Sent emails, reply comes in three weeks. Tried to call, no one
answers, only voice recorder. Requested for refund, over the email. Reply
came after 2 weeks asking for my bank details to send the money. Refund to
credit card seems to be too modern fashion for Sinclair website store. Sent
bank details – no refund, no reply. Worst experience in my life paying over
120$ for a knife.

dnbwalkera adam replied 5 years ago

Got mine for 99p lol hope it comes it’s off eBay 

Joshua Luna-Li replied 5 years ago


ian knox replied 5 years ago

I got this for £3, took a month to turn up but replied 5 years ago

If your from Australia you can order one online from here:
for only $5 + free shipping…

StandardRantz replied 5 years ago

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Awesome's Games replied 5 years ago

Mine said 15-20 business days

Will Speeler replied 5 years ago

Got one for 1.93 on ebay

johnny Majora replied 5 years ago

im getting this to go with my new wallet. bad ass knife. ;)

johnny Majora replied 5 years ago

haha. you live in britain and thats why it took forever to get to you. i
live in america and im expecting mine in 3-5 days. xD

XSnootyTacoX replied 5 years ago

Plus mine was $6

XSnootyTacoX replied 5 years ago

Mine took 3-5 days :)

Tom Strong Reviews replied 5 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. 🙂 Yes – the case on the model 2 is made from
a slightly stiffer polypropylene body and that allows the manufacturer to
give the ‘living hinge’ guarantee.

Josh McGillivray replied 5 years ago

good review, not sure why no comments yet

Fallus replied 5 years ago

Seems like is made by cheap plastic, I am right?

Big J replied 5 years ago

I subscribed to the Glen Beck email news letter a few months ago and they
sent me an offer for one of these yesterday. I got it for free, just had to
pay $4.95 for shipping. Looks pretty cool, I’m sure it’s worth the $5 I

Tom Strong Reviews replied 5 years ago

That is a great tip for people. It is certainly worth far more than $5. I
have had mine for nearly 2 years. Still very sharp and all works and folds
perfectly. Enjoy!

Daniel Sans replied 5 years ago

are the foldable plastic unions easy to break?

TheNovaFilms replied 5 years ago

you can get one for $10 or under on amazon.

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