Chase Marriott letter

Chase Marriott letterChase Marriott letter
ivusanaxo asked 4 years ago

Ii apped for a Chase Marriott card a few weeks ago and got the 7-10 day message and assumed I was denied.  I received a letter today from the Chase fraud department asking me to call and verify some information.  I called and they wanted to verify my SSN and Chase checking account balance.  I was put on hold and then was advised they will need more info from me and I will get another letter on how to proceed in 5-7 days.  They said I might have to send in a copy of my DL or a utility bill.  I verified that the letter was from Chase but it just sounds odd to me.  Has anyone had this happen on this CC?  My score aren’t that fantastic since I am rebuilding- 680.s across the board but I bank with Chase and have 2000.00 in checking and 6000.00 in savings.  I also have a Chase Freedom for 1200.00 and Slate for 1200.00 plus a few other bank cards to not with Chase.  My utilization is at 5% and I pay in full on all cards each month but one.  I make 80000 per year and run all my expenses through my Chase cards.  Does this sound like I will be approved?.  I am glad I wasn’t denied outright and I’m hoping that the need to verify info is a good thing and not a big let down.  

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