Chase Ink Plus – what does it take to get this?

Chase Ink Plus – what does it take to get this?Chase Ink Plus – what does it take to get this?
Korot.Ira asked 5 years ago

I have found a thread or two on this, but it doesn’t seem beneficial to rehash a several year old thread so I’m starting a new one.


I’ve just applied for a Chase Ink Plus and been denied. I called the number to negotiate and they told me my credit is not re-established enough for this particular card. They also could not advise me as to what it takes exactly, so I’m looking for any detail on your experiences or advise.


My history: I filed for Ch7 a little over seven years ago, so my credit is now clean except for the actual Ch7 (which is why I was red flagged and had to call anyway). The rep acknowledged that my credit looks clean, that I’ve re-established credit with two cards (a $ 5k Barclay and a $ 750 Capitol One), and kept a car loan since 2012. So this is three years of credit re-establishment. However, he said this is not enough for this card. Not a word about the Ch7 being a problem, but that my re-established credit is not enough.


Not sure where to take it from here. More revolving credit? A new car loan (considering one anyway)? A line of credit? How many more years?


On a positive note, strangely enough, they are reconsidering and recommending me for the Chase Saphire Preferred that I applied for. This is fantastic, but I really want (need?) that business card for business. My current business card is the Capitol One with a $ 750 limit. I max this out several times weekly and have to constantly keep the payments funnelling to keep room on it. And it doesn’t even have actual business benefits, as the Ink card does. Really need a business focussed card.


Thank you!



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