Chase GW attempt

Chase GW attemptChase GW attempt
GoodvinLels asked 4 years ago

I have a 10 year old mortgage with Chase and a recently paid/closed auto loan. The mortgage has numerous lates over the years but has been current for 8 months now. The auto had a few 30 days but was mostly paid on time. Last week, I typed up a nice heartfelt letter explaining the reasons for the lates(wife’s illness) and asking them to consider removing some of the lates. Based on my research, I had no expectations of success. I got a call today from someone in the executive office. It was hard to understand her as she spoke like it was her first time having a phone conversation. Basically, she told me there was nothing they could do regarding the late payments. However, as a courtesy, they would remove some of the old unpaid late charges(about $ 600). I would rather have the lates removed, but I guess it’s something. A few hours later I got another call from someone else in the EO. She was calling regarding the auto loan. She was very professional and we had a nice conversation. She said she looked at the history and felt confident something could be done. She said she would get back to me in 7-10 days. Of course, I’m not getting my hopes up. However, it’s hard to understand how 2 people that work for the same company and were calling for the same reasons could be so different. I’ve made over 100 payments on my mortgage and it would be VERY easy for them to remove as many of the lates as they wanted. However, they just don’t want to do it. I can’t wait until I get my scores a little higher so I can refi out of this loan. I now have 2 of 3 scores in the 600’s and have gotten all 3 of my wife’s above 620. I’ll report back when I get an answer on the auto loan lates. Thx.




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