Chase Fraud

Chase FraudChase Fraud
ilbon777 asked 3 years ago

So I had someone used my Ritz card and Chase alerted me quickly.  Issue has been corrected but this is the 2nd time.  I called Chase to make sure nothing of mine is compromised as I have other personal accounts.  I was assured everything is fine and they are working hard to fight against fraud – whatever that means…


I then do my usual routine of reading the newspaper and came as this in the New York Times.  Chase is prosecuting 2 private bankers from stealing from accounts and creating fake atm cards.  It makes you wonder if this is the reason why cards are even compromised before they sent out when someone is approved.  It appears to be an inside job…


So watch your accounts closely..  Here is the article in the NYTimes.


If you hit a paywall, just copy the title and plug it into google and it comes right up or you can read in private mode on your computer to bypass the paywalll..


Happy New Year folks!!

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