Chase AARP vs Marvel MC

Chase AARP vs Marvel MCChase AARP vs Marvel MC
fausaMixail asked 4 years ago

PenFed and Chase AARP have been goals since I started rebuilding. I eat out a LOT and a 3% dining card is a good fit for me.

I’ve been limiting my new cards to a bare minimum in prep for Chase once bk falls and scores are 700+. I left the garden to get Discover, according to plan, and one day later Marvel became avbl.

TBH I couldn’t care less about superheroes. It could as easily be a bright pink Hello Kitty as far as I’m concerned.

Before heading back to the garden, I’m considering apping for the Marvel instead of Chase. I would wait until next reports with TU 700+.

It appears to me to be a better bang for the buck 3% dining card. Higher SL & CLI’s through CS, no minimum redemption and greater # of qualified spend opportunities.

Am I missing something about Chase that I should know before I grab Marvel? It would be my 5/24 card.

Thanks! Smiley Happy

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