Chase 5/24 on co-branded cards soon?

Chase 5/24 on co-branded cards soon?Chase 5/24 on co-branded cards soon?
AshleyHaumn asked 3 years ago

According to an article on DOC, a “trusted” resource says that Chase will be applying the 5/24 rule to co-branded cards also. If this is true, that would suck. A commenter reported already being denied the IHG because of the 5/24 rule. 


This change is supposedly going into effect between March – April, business cards are supposed to be impacted also. 


If this is true then its definitely a game changer. Personally I only wanted a few more Chase cards, the Ritz and IHG. I might app for an IHG now if I can get the 80k + $ 50. I’m not going for the Ritz until 140k comes back. I also considered the United card because they keep sending me pre-approvals (even though I’m opted out) for 50k miles but I rarely fly and never flown United. 


Hopefully the results of this will cause enough impact that they retract their decision on their approval process. 

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