Charge Off Question

Charge Off QuestionCharge Off Question
AngeloHix asked 5 years ago

I have been on this site almost a month now.  It has been a life saver for me so far.  I have learned alot. 


I started out paying a company to help rep.  Did it for tair my credit which was just a waste of good money.   I was enrolled three months with ZERO results with nothing done at 89.95 a month.  Don’t even ask, yes I canceled the service.  I started researching and ended up here on this forum.  Within the last week, I have had a charge off removed and a open collection account removed from my repirt.  YAY!  I have 4 more to go which are double entried and what  I mean by that is the orginal credit reports as charge and the collection reports the same transaction.  I have one that just came in the mil to today that agreed to pay to delete for one of these collections.  How can I go about getting the charge off from the orginal company removed?  Suggestions on how to start?

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