Charge off credit card

Charge off credit cardCharge off credit card
Daursessy asked 5 years ago

I have an old account with credit union that was charged off July 2009. I contacted the bank and they refuse to speak in detail about the account! I was quickly given the number to collection agency who has the account. I contacted collection company a few years ago and per the rep she said I was sued for the debt and I didn’t show up to court! She also stated its in public records! Because of that I have to pay original debt owed plus court fees and interest! I never got served with paper to go court! Public records on all my credit reports are 0! Not only that this collection company isn’t on my report? The account is due to drop off next year! For the last few years I’ve done a good job obtaining accounts I constantly get pre approval letters but I don’t need any more accounts! Should I pay or wait till it drops off?

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