Change approach after score jump?

Change approach after score jump?Change approach after score jump?
ilbon777 asked 4 years ago

All 3 of my credit scores just jumped about 15-20 points (Now all 3 are between 712 and 722), I’m assuming just from continuing to make regular payments because I’ve been keeping my balance down under 10% for a while now.  I’ve been on here asking about whether to get a Barclay Reward Card or a QuickSilverONE because I only have secured cards now, but my scores are getting so much better that I’m thinking I can go for something better, such as the regular Quicksilver or maybe even the Venture, or even another good BK friendly card.  What do you think?  I have a BK-7 that discharged 12/2013 and two 5 yr old collections that only show on my TU, one is paid ($ 55 car insurance bill) and one is unpaid ($ 131 medical). 

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