Chances of AA for High Util?

Chances of AA for High Util?Chances of AA for High Util?
MagTarma asked 5 years ago

I’d love for some experts to weigh in on my scenario here – I have come into some unexpected expenses and have decided to draw from an existing PLOC to pay the costs. I will be maxing out one of my PLOCs at $ 15k/$ 15k (bal / credit limit) and would like to know how other creditors are likely to view this, and the chances of Adverse Action such as CLDs, account closures, etc. I plan on paying off this $ 15k balance within 12 months. I believe one key factor is the fact that I have many other accounts with plenty of available credit left, so it will just be this one, single PLOC that is maxed out. 


If there is a chance of AA, I may consider a closed-end personal loan, as it is my understanding that is seen more favorably versus an open-ended line of credit. that is maxed out. 


Details on my other accounts? The other remaining credit cards I have are as follows, with the corresponding credit limits.  None of these cards exceeds 5% of the credit limit. 


Citi TY: $ 19k

Citi ProCash: $ 4k

Penfed Plat Cash: $ 32k

Penfed Plat: $ 5k

Discover It: $ 15k

Amex Clear: $ 20k

US Bank Cash+: $ 15k

Fidelity Amex: $ 25k

Chase Freedom: $ 15k

Chase Amazon: $ 15k




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