Chance of Venture?

Chance of Venture?Chance of Venture?
Terrylen asked 4 years ago

I am thinking of applying for the Venture card, I previously applied in August and was denied. At the time I had just opended my Quicksilver1 and a Platinum card from Capitol one that June. I also opended up a Chase Freedom in August 2015. Those were the first cards I opened since 2011 when I got a secure card from Capital One for $ 200 (that I still have since it’s my oldest card). I had a 30 day late on mortgage from 2/2015, over a year ago. Below are my stats from August 2015 and now:


August Quicksilver 1 $ 3000 (2 months old)

             Platimnum $ 2000 (2 months old)

             Chase Freedom $ 4500 (1 month old)

             Scores (are in signature from July)



March Quicksilver 1 $ 10.650

            Platinum (closed March 2016 to combine with QS1)

            Chase Freedom $ 4500

            Scores are below


I love my QS1 and roll over all my cashback to my travel fund so I was thinking that with the Venture I could get 2% vs 1.5%, plus the bonus miles. I do travel atleast 3-4 times a year domestically and atleast once internationally. I am going to Europe in July for 8 days. I was thinking that over the last 7 months I have grwon ALOT with Cap 1 especially going from $ 3000 to $ 10.650. On the other hand its just a 2% card and I could hold out for the Citi Double Cash WAY WAY down the line when I get better. 


What are your thoughts on my chances? BTW my utilization is about 2%. What other Travel like cards would you recommend. Help is appreciated! 

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