CFPB Complaint worked!

CFPB Complaint worked!CFPB Complaint worked!
MerrillSab asked 4 years ago

I sent off some Texas DV letters last month with CMRR and I was ignored. On the 30th day of them being required to respond,I filled CFPB and Texas AG complaints. Well today I have a win on one of the medical collections. This is the response i got with the CFPB just now.

Mr. XXXX, upon receipt of your complaint we reviewed your complaint and the account. During our investigation we determined that a step in our process was not followed. Accordingly, we requested removal of credit reporting of the account from Transunion and Experian. Our process requires the employee receiving the dispute to review the dispute, note the account and move the account to a status that will allow us to request information from the creditor necessary to respond to the dispute. In this instance, we received your written dispute on November 16, 2015. We noted the account that we had received your written dispute and that we were to obtain an itemized statement to send to you. However, the account was not moved to a status that would allow us to request information from the creditor. This was an oversight by us. We process thousands of these requests each month and this one was missed. Please accept our apologies for the oversight. As indicated above, we did request deletion of the account from credit reporting on December 21, 2015. If you have any questions or should the account remain on your credit report after December 24, 2015, please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Compliance Officer at 800-477-7474 x467.

I’m excited right now bc this collection is my newest one and at the time I mailed the letterr,I was mad about spending the $ 6-$ 7 bucks on the CMRR because I had to do it with 9 letters! I’m glad I did tho. Thanks to this forum, there’s hope. Knowledge is power!!!

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