CC Usage deterimine CLI’s?

CC Usage deterimine CLI’s?CC Usage deterimine CLI’s?
ilbon777 asked 5 years ago

I have been reading a lot of the threads in the forum in regards to “How much of a CLI you could get” and I wonder or if anyone has some insight if the banks actually leverage your CC usage and behavior?


We know that CC’s track your spending and give you tools to analyze but I seriously wondering if they use this in their calculations of approving CLI’s.  Your spending habits can build a solid profile about your financial state so that the longer you have an account and they can track your spending gives them a good inclination of your credit health.


Since you give them income and they can track how you spend and how you pay. So it gave me the curiousity if that is actually the case since there are so many variants and some people get huge increases and some get decline even though they fair better on their scores.

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