CC Payments Split

CC Payments SplitCC Payments Split
KiffEmpappy asked 5 years ago

I was told by my bank that is you split payments credit and a gift card they are going to close account as they are loosing on the swipe fees they get. I.E If I buying something for $ 40,00 and pay $ 20,00 with gift card and $ 20,00 with CC.(I’m using round numbers to make things clear.)

How To Use Your Credit Card Machine: Nurit Terminals

tomas toth replied 5 years ago

your nice´╗┐

Dakuuffxi replied 5 years ago

What is the differenced between “voiding” a transaction and “refunding” a
transaction. I essentially made a credit card charge and now I want to make
it as if it never happened so the customer will not be charged for that

Danoush Khairkhah replied 5 years ago

You’re welcome! Hope the video was able to help you use your machine.

sharon zivitz replied 5 years ago


charles replied 5 years ago


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