CC offers in the mail…

CC offers in the mail…CC offers in the mail…
DavidEthix asked 4 years ago

Before I filed for BK7 in March 2015 due to divorce. I had 800+ FICO scores and almost everyday I get prime cards offers in the mail which I always put them in shredders (I didn’t need new cards LOL).


Now post-BK I got quiet few crap CC offers such as First Preimer. I finally apped when Merrick first gave me pre-approved offer.


Now I don’t see any crap offers in the mail….AND I don’t get ANY offers either! (only 1, Discover IT last week with 0% transfer and 8-15% APR something so I knew if I apped that I would get rejected anyway, off they went to my same shredder).


I’m wondering for those recent BK7 get any offers in the mail and how often? how many months post-discharge did you start noticing in the mail?


I have 2 cards, I am waiting for 1 more before I garden. 🙂



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