CC closed by bank

CC closed by bankCC closed by bank
ilbon777 asked 3 years ago

So, I’ve had my Credit one bank credit card for approx 3 months now making my payments on time and on Feb. 1st I decided to pay off my balance of 212.45 in full and today I go to sign into the website to check to make sure everything was good and I was locked out of my account so I called the 1-800 number I was given and the lady I talked to said that my account was suspened because I had made such a large payment and I needed to prove the account I used to make my payments was actually my account. What!?!  Not to mention the fact that she did indeed verify that they had already taken the $ 212 payment out of my account already and my balance was now at $ 0. Does it not make sense to verify account information before you take the money if that indeed was why they suspended my account?

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