Care Credit Questions/Requirements

Care Credit Questions/RequirementsCare Credit Questions/Requirements
LizzieMer asked 5 years ago

Hopefully within the next year, I intend to have a procedure that I will need the Care Credit card for. I will be saving funds to cover as much as I can because this may also involve a bit of travel (hotel the night before in another city, hotel the night of for my wife, and possibly hotel for another night when going back for the one week check up). The lower rate on the procedure would require the travel, but a higher rate on the procedure could have it happen within 10 miles of home.


I was denied just this morning, but then again I DO have 16 inquiries on my credit report (all from the last 30 days…had an app spree to begin filling out my very thin credit file), and just bought a car yesterday. Current scores average at 640. 


Income is $ 40k, no big baddies, everything goes on auto pay so nothing can be late. AAoA is 2.5 years, 6 new cards in the last 30 days (brings my total to 7….Cap One QS/Discover IT and 5 store cards from stores I shop at regularly for work/home stuff so they make sense).


Question is: What does Care Credit look for? Scores, AAoA, payment history? Inq? Types of tradelines?


I will try again in 6 months once that auto loan is well-established along with the new cards and the biggest ding of the inquiries lessens. So gardening. 

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