Car loan has no effect on score

Car loan has no effect on scoreCar loan has no effect on score
cinekzetmer asked 4 years ago

So about 2 months ago, my 3 fico score were between 598-614. I recently have had a credit card posted to account. That jumped me up all the way to 675-690. Now i also have a new car loan worth 23000 that was posted in the past month. No score increase. When the federal credit union updated my account balance and payment history, i got no score increase from either credit bureau, even though just one month in i paid the loan down to 16k. What is the reason for this??? I was hoping my score would sky rocket since i did pay it down alot, so im disappointed to see it go nowhere due to the loan. 


My payment is 402 with 7.9%. So as soon as my score hits around 725-750, i want to refinance. So i am eager lol

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