CapOne Plantinum Rewards PC’d to VentureOne

CapOne Plantinum Rewards PC’d to VentureOneCapOne Plantinum Rewards PC’d to VentureOne
KiffEmpappy asked 5 years ago

Recently consolidated all my debt to a loan via Prosper (great process, bit higher interest than I hoped for, but my payment is SO much lower now!) and I’ve been enjoying watching myFICO scores sky rocket (seriously, I’m up like 15 points on each bureau weekly) and was contemplating applying for the Chase Southwest Rapid Reward card.


Then I went to the CapOne site and tried the pre-approval screen, I was pre-approved for the CapOne Venture, VentureOne and QuicksilverOne, so I figured, I’ll ask and see if they can just PC my existing $ 3k limit Platinum Rewards card ($ 0 bal)! Hopped on the chat feature on their site at 2.30a on a Saturday, and they said they could change my credit card to the VentureOne! And it’s an EMV Chip card! I love those!


No bonus miles, but I don’t use this card enough to meet that criteria anyway, and I did this all without a pull on my CR! Win win for me! I’ll be purchasing groceries and gas with this card from now on and paying off immediately! How I’ve been telling myself to use my credit for years, and now I finally can!!


Now let’s hope my recent interview with ULine went well so I can relocate to TX! That’d be a great month for me! Fingers crossed!

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