CapOne CLI phone review question

CapOne CLI phone review questionCapOne CLI phone review question
Yaltahelp asked 3 years ago

I asked this in the Credit Cards section but after thinking about it decided I should’ve posted my question here. I am rebuilding and also in the Credit Steps CapOne program. I just copied my question from the other doeum.
On 12/11/15 I received a $ 100 cli on plat and qs cards. Since then a statement has cut and I requested another cli but was denied to due to recent increase.

This morning I decided to do rhe online chat and asked to convert my Plat to QS rewards and received that! I then asked for rhe rep to review my account cor another cli and my laptop powered off and won’t come back on bleh.

Anyway I decided to call and was transferred to a “supervisor” and she said they can’t manually review accounts for cli. She said they can only be done online or via rhe automated phone systsm. Because of the inconvenience she offersd me a $ 30 credit on each card. I took it of course but thought it was kind of funny.

Now my question, should I call again to request a cli? My 3rd statement just cut on the 25th and I will be making payments on the 31st.

Thank you for always answering my questions!! You guys rock!

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