CapOne CLI and PC

CapOne CLI and PCCapOne CLI and PC
NeldaFer asked 5 years ago

 Hi all,


I started rebuilding my credit this time last year when I applied for a Cap One Secured card. Then in November I apped for a QS1 and was approved for a $ 500 SL. In December I joined NFCU and was approved for their Cash Rewards for $ 10k, and began using the Cash Rewards instead of the QS1. Fast forward to last week when I logged into my Cap One account after the 6th statement and BAM! $ 3k CLI on the QS1 for a $ 3500 CL. I wanted a travel card and did a little research and realized that the Venture One would be the best card for me, at least for now. I checked my account, but there were no offers. So, I messaged Cap One on FB and a lady from the EO called me the next day saying that I am eligible for the Venture One and they would be mailing it out shortly. I couldn’t have done any of this without all the tips from these forums. Thanks everyone!

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