CapitalOne Secure Card Denied

CapitalOne Secure Card DeniedCapitalOne Secure Card Denied
GeorgeFethy asked 4 years ago

I applied for Capital One Secure Card online couple of days ago.  It was denied, reason being that I do not have a checking or savings account.  Since this denial I have immediately openned an US Bank checking account.  Here are my questions:


1. Can I go back to CapitalOne and request to recon my application (if there is such thing).

2. Should I re-apply since I do have a checking account now.

3. Should I go and apply one of US Bank or any other securecard.


My credit situation I have 1 medical charged off account which is 4 yrs old.  Besides that I have 0 open accounts.


Please advice.  I am glad I found this forum and starting my journey to rebuild my credit.



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