CapitalOne Buy Power card

CapitalOne Buy Power cardCapitalOne Buy Power card
ubeposapes asked 5 years ago

I’m in the process of rebuilidng.. current FICO score of 616… 


My util is at 70%… I still owe 4K…. but I paid my 2 low balance cards off to 0 this last month and received a “pre-approved” offer for a Capital One BuyPower card limit $ 5000 with 0% interest in the first year. (there is no annual fee).


1. — is this a good card?

2. should I consider getting this card and doing a balance transfer of my 4K that currently has an APR of 22%?


I heard that for rebuilders CapitalOne Quicksilver is a good place to start, along with a Barclays?


is this a good option for me considering i’m “pre-approved”. 


the offer is good for about 30 days or so… then I don’t know what I will do… try to get my util down and wait for more offers in the meantime… or just wait until my util is lower before applying for QS or Barclays


thanks for any advise!



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