Capital One Upgrade success… by a helpful CSR

Capital One Upgrade success… by a helpful CSRCapital One Upgrade success… by a helpful CSR
Mjuterbof asked 5 years ago

So about 2 weeks ago I call Cap1 to upgrade my platinum mastercard with annual fee to no fee QS, I was told that there was no offers available, but then this lady told me she could make a request to upgrade the account and she would call me back in a week to notify me of the result.


A week later, I called, chatted, chatted, called, but all I was getting was the “no offer for you” line, and no one seems to know anything about making a request for it. I thought about emailing EO, but I didn’t. Then yesterday someone left me a VM to call Cap1, so I called (I was just given the main number), and told a confused CSR that I’m calling back because I got a call from Cap1 and I think it’s about the upgrade request. I was put on a hold for a while then I was transferred to another department, and then voila, the upgrade request was approved.


Now I’m wondering whether I should’ve asked for CLI while I had this special agent on line. Ah.. missed opportunities..

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