Capital One Spark Classic to Spark Cash?

Capital One Spark Classic to Spark Cash?Capital One Spark Classic to Spark Cash?
maniorettsat asked 5 years ago

So I’ve failed in the past to get a Spark Cash Business Card.  Capital One really doesn’t like something about my report (probably too much available credit and inquires).  Last year I was able to convert the useless generic Platinum card they rebranded my old Orchard 2% card with into a Venture card (another I’ve been rejected for in the past).  So it got me thinking, maybe my solid FICO allows me to upgrade to better cards with annual fees, but my past shenanigans are blocking me from their high end products when I apply for new accounts (maybe I appear to be just chasing sign up bonus offers when they scan my report?). So I was thinking maybe I should go after their low end stuff and convert later. Has anybody pulled that off?

How To Create An Apple ID On Iphone Without Credit Card 2015-Don’t Need Computer

Migz Sapalo replied 5 years ago

help its says that “You are not eligible to crate an account at this
time”……can u solve this..?

Lisa Hernandez replied 5 years ago

It doesn’t work when am at the last step it tells me I need a method
payment or to contact ITunes

Hack Source replied 5 years ago

Yo there is no none there only Visa Amex and MasterCard

do for ipad be cause i wanna use i fun box and i just have

Abdulrahman Tarek replied 5 years ago

Can i know the name of the app u use for the home screen button shortcut?

Exoitic replied 5 years ago

I get no option for none and I have a iPhone 4s

Mr.NukeTastic replied 5 years ago

There is no none option for my iPhone 5

Paige Nicole replied 5 years ago

Don’t work I click on free app and it freezes

daboss 4612 replied 5 years ago

Guys just buy a itunes card and put in your number

▼FearTheStyle▼ replied 5 years ago


miguel javier replied 5 years ago

It actually worked thx

General Demon lord replied 5 years ago

Thx man ! that helped alot !! <3

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