Capital One Recon CLI BuyPower

Capital One Recon CLI BuyPowerCapital One Recon CLI BuyPower
Irenehix asked 5 years ago

Good morning. Just as the title says. I have been with Cap 1 for about 15 months now. I have spent the last two months on the phone trying to get them to do something with my two current cards. One being my oldest line, a partially secured platinum mastercard $ 1000. I know this card will never graduate, however it is my besides my student loans, my oldest OPEN account since I closed first premier two weeks ago. I also have a capital one journey visa $ 2000. I didnt know better when I applied for this card. Anyways. They wouldn’t PC it for the longest time but I also couldn’t have more than two accounts with them. I was not willing to close my oldest account to apply for a new card.

Fast Forward to now. They have singed changed their limit of cards you can have, and after tons of harassment from me via backdoor recon, I was able to PC to a quicksilver. Now I no longer have any student cards. I also applied for their BuyPower card via pre approval snail mail.
I was approved for only $ 300 😤
Yes I was insulted, hard pull on EQ. No late payments ever. Use those cards all the time and pay in full every two months.
After having spent two months on the phone with Capital One I didn’t want to do anymore backdoor recon. Went straight to the EO. Anyways Cap 1 tells me they have to do another hard pull for recon but if I agreed it would be manual. Okay. Im headed to the garden anyway so why not. I get off the phone with Cap 1, they said 1 week for manual review and they’ll call me.
I get off the phone and then suddenly it hits me….oh crap! I froze my EQ a week ago right after the app because I had intended to go to the garden😦
I ONLY froze EQ not TU or EX.
Here’s my question…………….
Has anyone ever requested a CLI with this card or gone through something similar that can tell me which report they pulled for the Increase? I know it was EQ originally but I remember seeing something about them pulling a different report for increases on this card.
Where’s Ron, I know he’s got this card😉
Thanks for looking.

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