Capital One Increase, it will come

Capital One Increase, it will comeCapital One Increase, it will come
MichaelApash asked 4 years ago

 I applied for a Capital One secured card about 5 years ago and with a $ 300.00 deposit and over the course of the years I ended up with a credit limit of $ 1000.00. Upon reading several articles and several forums I took a chance and applied for the C1 QuickSilver One card and was approved for $ 300.00 which was low but it was my first unsecured Credit Card in a very long time. I remembered reading on the forums to immediately apply for another C1 card so i did and was approved for a Capital One Platinum card for $ 300.00 and was in the Step program with both cards. I use both cards all the time and paid them off but not every month. In 5 months, my QuickSilver One CLI went was a $ 1000.00 but my Platinum only went up to $ 500.00 and I wasn’t happy but i was grateful and this was in January. I kept requesting an increase on the Platinum but wasn’t getting a CLI. I got online today and hit the credit increase button and to my surprise, I got a $ 2000.00 CLI on the QuickSilver One which gave me credit limit of $ 3300.00 and I immediately requested a CLI on the Platinum card and I got a $ 1000.00 CLI to give me a credit limit of $ 1500.00  All i can say is be persistent and don’t give up, it will soon payoff. My scores are between 620-650 so I can’t wait to see how this will bump up my credit scores.

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