Capital One CLIs on rebuilder cards

Capital One CLIs on rebuilder cardsCapital One CLIs on rebuilder cards
Spups asked 4 years ago

I opened a Quicksilver card in October ’14 and a Platinum Card in January ’15, both with $ 500 limits.

Both received CLIs to $ 750 on the 6th statements as part of the credit steps program: the Quicksilver in April ’15 and the Platinum in July ’15.

I tried the love button on the Quicksilver in October ’15 and was denied. To my great surprise, I received an unsolicited increase on the Platinum last week from $ 750 to $ 3750.

Based on your experiences, what can I expect from here? Can I anticipate a CLI on the other one? Should I try the love button again or wait for automatic increases?

My record is clean over the past 2-3 years and I have other cards with small limits. On the Cap One cards, I tend to use them quite a bit each month and pay them off.

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