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eeyowidoego asked 4 years ago

I currently have a capital one secured card CL 200.
I got accepted for Discover It CL 500
I got accepted for NFCU CL 1000
My EX score is 661(increased by 33 points from last scores). Some collections were removed
I am waiting for my other scores to show in 5 days.
This is from 11/10/15
EX 628
TU 647
EQ 614
Should I risk getting another inquiry?
I currently have 5 on EX and EQ and 7 on TU. most are due to come off in 2017.
Also will be purchasing a house Next year, so that’s a factor too. I am trying to increase my scores. And if I do apply for another card I will be gardening and let it grow grow grow!

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