Capital Bank/Public Savings Bank both reporting

Capital Bank/Public Savings Bank both reportingCapital Bank/Public Savings Bank both reporting
Neila asked 5 years ago

So I’ve been working on my credit for 6 months now and have made excellent progress. Started with low 500s across all three bureaus 8-9 collections, to now EX 610 EQ 608 TU 664 an I have 1 collection (Stellar Recovery) on Experian, but it is being disputed.

I have been disputing an old Public Savings Bank derog, it was opened 3/2010 and closed 60 days late 8/2010. It has always come back verified, even though this bank was closed by FDIC in August 2011. I also have an account showing up from Capital Bank, that I have no idea about showing charge off since 8/2010 and recently added a 30-day late for June. Apparently Capital Bank purchased the failed Public Savings Bank.

Can this be reported like this? The same account on two different negative items. I have had no luck getting this double ding resolved. Experian has no idea what to do after speaking with them, they referred me back to Capital Bank. BTW, I checked Capital Bank’s site and they don’t even offer credit cards besides the secured Open Sky account.

Any ideas on an attack?

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