Cap1 Venture & Venture1 Pre-Approvals

Cap1 Venture & Venture1 Pre-ApprovalsCap1 Venture & Venture1 Pre-Approvals
richeventtver asked 5 years ago

So about a month ago, I was pre-approved for the Cap1 Venture & Venture1 cards.  I apped for the Venture and was instantly approved for the Venture $ 20k, 17.99%.


A week later I checked their pre-approvals and I did not have any pre-approvals.  So last night I checked again, I am again pre-approved for both the Venture and Venture1 and QS cards.  I think I will wait as I really dont need the additional credit although the 0% rate til July 2016 for the Venture1 is appealing…



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