Cap1 Charged Interest on $0 Balance

Cap1 Charged Interest on $0 BalanceCap1 Charged Interest on $0 Balance
ubattoc asked 5 years ago

I went onto Cap1 this morning, to see if the magical credit steps increase had kicked in – no luck. However, I was surprised to find a $ 2.18 interest charge…I had a $ 0 balance! 


Billing Due Date is the 16th (nothing was due until March)

Billing Cycle end is the 19th

My statement was paid in full by Feb 15th.


The chat agent copy and pasted the card member agreement and told me “Please don’t worry” and that the interest would come off in “1 to 2 billing cycles” and that I would not accrue more interest. He said it was calculated on average daily balance. So, basically I can’t use my card unless I pay it off daily? His response “It happens sometimes.” Um…what?


Anyone else have this issue? Should I be concerned?

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