Cap One vs Midland?????

Cap One vs Midland?????Cap One vs Midland?????
JosephImips asked 5 years ago

I have a charged off Cap One account that recently was sold to Midland. After discussing payoff options with Midland, I was told they aren’t “reporting” to the credit bureaus that they have taken on my debt. I was told once I pay off  Midland, I have to call Cap One to see if they will remove their negative reports of the charge off. I called Cap One to verify this and was told that they have relinquished all rights to the account and refer back to Midland!!!  So I’m confused, if Midland isint reporting to the bureaus, should I even worry about the account? If I pay the account off with Midland, how can I get Cap One to remove it?  Please help!

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