Cap One & Macy’s Chargeoffs — Can I get them deleted?

Cap One & Macy’s Chargeoffs — Can I get them deleted?Cap One & Macy’s Chargeoffs — Can I get them deleted?
RobertRorce asked 4 years ago

Hello all,


Back in 2012, I charged off with Macy’s (store card) in the amount of about $ 250, and with Cap One in the amount of about $ 900.


I’ve read on here that some creditors (if you talk to the right person), will strike a deal to entirely delete the account(s) from your report in exchange for settlement and prompt payment.


I’ve not paid either one of these off yet, and am just beginning to make progress in rebuilding my credit. Getting these account deleted from my history would be a huge help.


My question is, have any of you had any luck in executing this maneuver? If so, can you share any tips?


Thanks so much!

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Fast Credit Repair replied 4 years ago

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