Cap One 2 month CLI and Credit Steps

Cap One 2 month CLI and Credit StepsCap One 2 month CLI and Credit Steps
RichEventNN asked 4 years ago

Hello All,


I just received a CLI with Cap One by htiting the luv button. Instantly went from sl of 500 to 1.5K. I am in the credit steps program and my 5th statement will cut on Dec 25th. I know that the increase normally doesnt happen until about the 6th or 7th statement. I was wondering from experience, if any, what type of limit was given with the increase from Credit steps? My document stated I would go from 500 to 750, but I have twice that now with the CLI from hitting the luv button. For those who are wondering I pif my first two statements, which i plan to continue to do. I will start paying more bills using my QS1 because of the cli today.


I am a newbie! so be easy on me! Smiley Wink

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