Cap 1 Applications Back to Back

Cap 1 Applications Back to BackCap 1 Applications Back to Back
richeventyar asked 4 years ago

So I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar situation when they apped back to back with Cap 1.


I did the prequal on the Cap 1 site and was prequalified for both the QS Visa Siggy and Venture card with 17.9 aprs.

I went ahead and apped for the Venture first and was approved for it. I was “hoping” by apping back to back for both cards that I may only get 1 set of triple pulls.

However when I hit the submit on the QS Visa Siggy (like 1 minute after my Venture app) I got the “unfortunatlely we couldnt approve u etc etc. u will receive something in 7-10 days”


Any clue as to why I would be declined when I was pre-qual for both at 17.9?   I just checked the pre-qual again and both cards still show up at 17.9 like the first time.


Just curious if anyone else had a similar experience when doing a double app.



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