Can someone tell me what is going on with old judgements….?

Can someone tell me what is going on with old judgements….?Can someone tell me what is going on with old judgements….?
JosephImips asked 5 years ago

Back in 2010 after losing my job i defaulted on 4 of my credit card accounts. Being that i was young, and in a bad spot, i kind of had a “I don’t care” attitude to it all. I didnt understand much about credit card debt at the time, and had no clue about lawsuits and judgements. I paid off one account and thats over with. My BofAmerica credit card was charged off and sold off to a collection agency and still shows on my reporst. The collection agency however does not, nor as i recall has ever shown up. And as far as i know i have never been sued for this debt and now its past the SOL if i am correct. On the other hand, Cap1 and Discover both have filed judgements against me through the same debt collecting lawfirn which also happened in 2010 IIRC. They Cap1 started garnishing my paychecks starting in 2012. Discover was pretty much waiting in line i suppose since they cant both collect at the same time. I moved from NY to FL in Fall 2012. My paychecks had stopped getting garnished by the end of 2014, but the debts are still not fully paid. The collection lawfirm still sends debt letters to my parents house in NY. But the wierd thing is that my credit reports dont, and have never as i recall, shown any public records/judgements. 


So basically, any reason why my paychecks stopped being garnished? Why my credit reports dont have any public records? Did my moving to Florida have any effect on those judgements? Can ANYONE put the pieces of the puzzle together for me? haha.


Thanks in advance. Feel free to ask any questions if i left something out. That is if anyone has absolutely anything to say on this!

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