Can I get to 650 by the end of the year?

Can I get to 650 by the end of the year?Can I get to 650 by the end of the year?
SEOSeini asked 5 years ago

Hello and welcome to the forums. I’ve split off your post to start a new thread in General Credit Topics. All I changed was the title.


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Congratulations on your success!!!


I am in need of some advise in order to improve my credit score.  When I started monitoring it January 2015, my scores were roughly 520-550.  I was able to get my score up close to 600 in February. 


However, it took a dip when i applied for a Chase Freedom card recently.  In additon, the credit ultilization % brought my credit score down a bit.  


Now I am back to where I started.  My goal is to get my score to 650 by the end of the year.  Do you think this is realitic??


I only have 3 cards 2 from Capital One and 1 from NY & Company.  All cards have a small limit of 300 or less.


I said to myself I will no longer apply for anything at all until my credit score is over 650; I must pay all my cards on time and pay more then the minimum balance asked.


What else should or can I do??


Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The ConsumerMan Show: Monitoring Your Credit Report

National Consumers League replied 5 years ago
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